I'm Lisa Tregenza and I'm here to make your life more manageable and flowing with ease, because sometimes a helping hand is all we need, especially for start up companies and small businesses!

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Get to Know Me

Hey there, I'm Lisa!

I'm located in Gippsland, VIC, Australia and I'm the founder of The VA Executive.

I'm a very creative person and I love anything to do with writing, painting, drawing, sewing and knitting, whatever gets the ideas and inspiration flowing.

I also love spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking, as well as entertaining my family and friends - dinner parties are my thing!

Amongst my previous work titles and experience, I have also done various certificates and diplomas. I believe in expanding your knowledge and learning as much as you can, whenever you can, so I like to try different things.

Some of the courses I've done include Book Keeping, Aromatherapy, Beauty Therapy, Holistic Health and I'm also a Certified Meditation Teacher.

With over 10+ years of experience in various industries such as Solar, Earthmoving, Construction, Architecture, Beauty and Wellness, I have a wide variety of understanding for what businesses may require and how I can can be of assistance. Read more about it here.

I decided to create The VA Executive in early 2021 as a way to share my skills and wisdom with small businesses who need assistance with delegating workloads, setting up or organising their business platforms and are looking to hire someone on a contract/casual basis instead of hiring someone full time.

By teaming up with The VA Executive, you can be confident that my eye for detail, organisation and professionalism is valuable in itself. I'd like to offer my office administration skills and virtual assistant services to you, so let's chat about how I can provide my skills to you and your business success!

Read more about my services and skills here.

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Have more freedom & time​
Delegate those mundane tasks
Have a trustworthy, professional VA
Share fresh ideas & content
Boost your confidence
Work to Australian standards
Focus on what's important to you

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