Three Marketing Tips

Updated: Oct 6

Hands up if you get stuck with marketing and sharing new content?

Whether you’re a new biz or well established, it can be challenging to come up with new ideas and content for your social media feed, trust me I know.

However, it doesn’t take a marketing degree to get started or help get your next post out there.

With some simple tips, your content can be out there generating leads and new clientele.

3 Marketing Tips:

  • Optimise Your Website: Ensure your website is easy to access and navigate for your visitors. Updating your SEO details can also allow people to find your website through platforms such as Google.

  • Embrace Social Media: Expand your business across multiple platforms to connect with a variety of clients and post often. Embrace paid social media as well to reach more people.

  • Use Your Existing Content: Study your insights to popular posts to see who you reach and what works for your business. You can also transform your blogs & shared knowledge into books!

It can be much easier and simpler than we think to get our product and business out there.

One key tip is to post regularly and engage with your followers, especially those who comment or message you.

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