Working From Home

It’s so easy to get into the habit of working from bed and staying lazy when a lot of us are still working from home - since there’s nowhere to really go.

Whilst there are days when this is surely acceptable, it can make us feel unproductive and less motivated to get the job done.

Helpful Tips:

🖊Get up in the morning and get dressed as if you’re still going to the office

🖊Have a set time you sit down at a table or desk ready to go

🖊Get your cuppa coffee or tea ready in your hand to start your day

🖊Move every hour so you’re not sitting all day, even stretch your body or go for a short walk if you can

🖊Have lunch at the same time you normally would

🖊Dedicate a room or area in your home to use as your office space

🖊Keep a to-do list for important tasks

🖊Try to minimise distractions such as being on your phone (not working), watching tv, kids