The VA Executive offers a variety of different services to suit your business and personal requirements.

How Can I Help?


  • Website update or creation (platform based, not coded)

  • Logo/Brand theme design or overhaul

  • Supply of design graphics

  • Social platform set ups

  • Blog content writing

  • Social media advice

  • Advertising/promotions

  • Platform posts, updates & organisation

  • Regular Updates


  • Document creation or organisation

  • Admin platform set up

  • Basic book keeping

  • Paperwork submissions

  • Back end organisation

  • Data entry

  • Optional: Inbox & enquiry management

  • Optional: Industry specific tasks

  • Regular updates


The VA Executive can customise a package and pricing for you and your requirements.

Do you have a unique business or specific tasks that need to be done?

Is the workload industry specific?

Let's have a chat about how I can help you with your business start flowing with ease.

Custom Plans

The VA plan packages and hours are on a month-to-month basis, however if these don't suit or you require unique or large scale assistance, please contact me so we can discuss it further & devise a suitable plan for you.


Frequently asked questions

Do I Need to Sign a Contract?

Yes, there will be a contract in the beginning to bind our agreement, but this is not long-term and you can cancel at any time by providing 14 days notice to cancel your plan and services with us.

Can I Transfer Unused Hours to the Following Month?

All billed hours will be used within the alloted timeframe and any unused hours are not refundable. The hours cannot be transferred to the following month.

How Are Payments Processed Each Month?

You will be sent an invoice upon the completion of work or the end of the month, whichever comes first. The invoice must be paid according to the terms stated on the invoice or as quoted. If you wish to cancel your contract, please allow 14 days notice. Accepted is bank transfer. Creditcard option coming soon. You will be updated on the used hours and if more are needed, you will be contacted regarding this and billed accordingly.

Can I Change the Plan I'm On?

Yes, we understand that business needs and workflow changes, so if you would like to scale your VA plan up or down, just let us know. Your new plan will commence at the beginning of the following month, or at the end of your current plan cycle, whichever comes first.

How Can I Check Progress Of My Work?

We use various programs and online portals to track time, project management and tasks, so we can provide you with a report summary to display what work has been completed and how many hours have been used and that are remaining. You will also be notified if the purchased hours are running low.
Once the job or project has been completed, you will be provided with all the relevant content, as long as all invoices and outstanding payments are cleared.

Is a VA Worth the Money?

Absolutely. Whilst it may be an additional expense for your company, it is less expensive than paying a full time employee for the same role and if you're a small company or a start up business, then you may not need someone full time to begin. By hiring a virtual assistant, you will get back freedom to do other things and not worry about the mundane daily tasks you have to do.

Do You Outsource or Are Jobs Managed In-House?

We do not outsource. Any work that you provide to us is completed in-house by The Executive VA. Although our business is based online, we are located in Melbourne, Australia, and you can be rest assured that your project/job/tasks are completed by us.

I Have a Project/Large Scale Job I Need Done, But I'm Not Sure How Many Hours It Will Take.

Let's have a chat about what work is required and how a VA can assist your project. If the hour bundles are not enough to complete your workload, we can discuss an option for more hours over an extended timeframe if required. Enquire within.